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Do you believe that there must be more to life than what you are currently experiencing? Are you stuck in unhappy relationships or a profession that no longer serves you? These are just some of the significant questions that you’ll find answers to in our courses.

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We help you identify and achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and find greater happiness and satisfaction in your life.


Our Re-Scription course is designed to work with you in creating tangible results you can see quickly.

Knowing The Destination

Our process empowers you to seek the root of the problem while charting a clear path to where you want to be.

Simple Beginnings

The first thing that happens when you start this course is you take a leap of faith for yourself. This proves that you are showing up in your life rather than being a representative.

Meet Dr. Suzette Clements & Esq. Kirby Clements Jr.

Dr. Suzette Clements and attorney Kirby Clements Jr. Throughout the 17 years in their private practices as a podiatrist and attorney, they noticed similar characteristics among high achievers that were limited or nonexistent in others.

Thus, they sought to address the source of achievement shortcomings while providing the tools to empower those who sought greater personal success. Their mission was encapsulated in the idea of developing “the highest you.”

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  • A reminder of how to be happy – even in the most challenging situations.
  • An evolution in spiritual growth that empowers rather than defines.
  • How to understand yourself better and benefit from it.
  • Making sure you are showing up in your life rather than a representative.
  • And plenty of other life-changing principles that will have a great impact on not only your life but the lives of others around you.

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we have had in helping our clients be their highest selves.

K. Hankerson

There is no judgment here, and the author by no means tries to tell you what to want or think, or how to behave. She simply gives techniques that you can implement in your own life. Well worth the read and the exercises really do work, especially the main re-scripting exercise.

Tara McDonough

This book is truly inspiring, empowering, and life-changing. Dr. Clements reminds us to be present and to embrace life to the fullest by being intentional in all that we do and all that we say.

Amazon Customer

Thoroughly enlightening. Wish I was exposed to this thought process when I was young. I have applied several of enlightening methods to my life. I have reaped great rewards.

Iyabo Onipede

I am blown away by how effective this little book is. I am a coach and I recommend this book to all my clients. People that love themselves work on themselves and this is a worthwhile investment in terms of time and money.

Dr. Simone Josey

Absolutely love this book! If you enjoy books that allow you to take notes and make plans WHILE you read, then you will love this book. 

Mo Diggidy-Super Producer

What a great read! For those interested in co-creation, this is a must. Having the knowledge to create your own reality is amazing. The written exercises in the hard copy are so valuable. Write the vision, make it plain.

Choice Re-defined: The conscious act of deciding between two or more possibilities
– Suzette Clements

Why do you need to Re-Script Your Life?

If you sense the constant calling for more passion in your life. When you wake up questioning what is your impact, and do you make a difference? You are longing for signs to show you that your life matters. Most importantly you are at a place where you are ready to receive more happiness and transform into your highest self.

This course takes you on the same personal journey that Dr. Suzette Clements went on where she too was asking similar questions. The wondrous thing about this amazing journey called life is that when we are ready to walk into our destiny, everything in the universe begins lining up with us.

Things that once seemed difficult and unattainable, all of a sudden become easy and effortless. One word or action in the direction of your dream and your life takes a drastic shift in the right direction. The purpose of this course is to challenge you to see your role in your life. Does life deal you blows that keep knocking you down? Do you quietly believe that there must be more to life than what you are currently seeing or experiencing?

What you must realize and emphasize is that you can change any situation as long as you believe you can and understand how to effectively employ the principles in this course.

Rene Godefroy
Bestselling Author Of Kick Your Excuses Goodbue
“Re-Scripting Your Life touched my heart in a remarkable way. It is highly transformational. If you want to be happy in spite of your current situation, you must complete this course from beginning to end. Make sure to share this with those you really care about.

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We help you identify and achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and find greater happiness and satisfaction in your life.

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Bonus: Re-Scripting Your Life!

Power Principles For True Happiness

— By Dr. Suzette Clements

We Are Committed To Helping You Overcome Any Challenge And Attain Transformational Results.

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